Monday, November 27, 2017

Winter Party and Book Exchange

Book Exchange
The last day before winter break, we will have a holiday book exchange in our classroom.  This activity is completely voluntary.   Students that would like to participate should bring in a new or gently used 5th grade appropriate chapter book.  The book should be wrapped as a present so that other students can not see the title.  Every student that brings  a book for the exchange, will receive a book.  If you are interested in donating a second book for a student that may not be able to bring one in, please let me know via email.  Books may be brought to school as soon as you have them ready.  All books MUST be in the classroom when school starts on December 21st.  

Winter Party
Our winter party will be held on December 21st from 2:15pm-3:15pm.  Please click here to sign up for treats and assistance.  The party is in the afternoon, so if you sign-up for something that needs to remain cold, please bring it around 2:10, as I do not have the ability to keep it cold in the classroom.  On the day of the party, students may bring in board games they would like to play with their classmates, as we watch a movie and enjoy a little down time with their classmates before heading off on winter break.  

Curriculum Update:

Reading- As we move into December, students will be focusing on finishing their first round of book clubs.  During this time, students are applying the reading strategies we have discussed in class to their own reading.  Each time the book clubs meet, students are given a specific focus such as identifying the questions they have or using evidence from the text to support their predictions.  Additionally, students are working to improve their communication and collaboration with the peers in their group.  You can support your student's reading growth by making sure they are reading at home for at least 20 minutes each night.  I have encouraged students to read aloud to improve their fluency.  

Writing- Our students did such an amazing job with the chocolate milk debate! I hope they have shared their findings with you.   As we begin new opinion papers about topics we are passionate about, I will conference with each student to provide feedback from their work and provide next steps that should improve their second paper.   I encourage you to ask your student about the topic they have chosen and see if they are able to defend their claim.  Please know that all research should be done in class, but hearing the opinion of another person can help your child to think through their writing and identify areas that need additional support. 

Science- This week we are headed to the Denver Museum to  dissect a lamb lung.  This field trip will further help students understand the respiratory system.  Throughout the month of December, we will continue to explore different body systems and determine how they are interdependent. 

Math- We have officially started our fraction unit.  Students are starting to understand how to compare fractions to 1/2 by creating conjectures about fractions.  We are also learning how to justify whether or not fractions are equivalent by using pictures and numbers, as well as ordering fractions. As we progress through this unit, it is imperative that students know their basic multiplication facts.  I strongly recommend that ALL students continue to practice their basic multiplication facts at least three times a week.