Monday, October 2, 2017

Our next Scholastic order is due this Friday, October 6th. You may order online at using our class code: MBNGY.

This is our last week before fall break! When we return to school, I will send out information regarding the Halloween party and a sign-up sheet for donations.  Below you will find a summary of what we are finishing in class before our break.

Reading: Students have been working on making meaningful connections to the text they are reading. They have differentiated between connections and coincidences and are learning how to explain how the connections are helping them better understand the text. I encourage you to read with your child and ask them to make connections as they read. Please remember that students should read for 20 minutes each day at home.  I highly recommend that you continue this expectation through fall break.

Writing: Students are finishing their narrative writing this week.  Published pieces will be available in the Google Drive and submitted through our Google Classroom.  When we return from break, I will conference with each student to review their work so we can celebrate their successes and discuss next steps. When we return from break, we will transition into opinion writing.  

Social Studies:  After researching different regions, students have been working in collaborative groups to determine where the next NFL team should be placed.  Students will present their work this Friday.  When we return from break, we will begin working with body systems as we prepare for our lamb lung dissection lab that will take place toward the end of November.  

Math:  We have been busy finding new strategies to solve multiplication and division problems.  I am happy to report that many students are less afraid of division than they were at the beginning of the year.  Please know that many kids are still working on finding strategies that work for them and it is okay if they still need a little practice.  Hopefully you will see a huge increase in their confidence in the next few weeks.  When we return from break, we will move into finding the volume of 3D shapes. 

I hope everyone has a great fall break and I look forward to hearing all of the fun stories when we return October 16th.