Thursday, August 17, 2017

Successful Start

We have had a busy first five days of school! Please read below to check out what we are doing in class.

Students have discussed the importance of reading and what type of texts they should read. For the next few weeks, we will be working to make connections to the text, using our background knowledge.  In the next few weeks, we will begin practicing reading responses in class.  Please see the schedule on the right side of our blog for reading responses.  These responses will be completed at home and submitted through our Google Classroom. Please ensure that your student is reading for 20 minutes.  Students are encouraged to read any text that interest them!  

During writer's workshop, our students are creating their own 10 questions essays.  Students will develop ten interview questions that will allow others to get to know them.  These completed essays will be posted outside of our classroom by fall conferences.  You may also access your student's work through their Google Drive.  Once we complete our essays, we will begin working on our narrative unit.

Since the first day of school, students have been working with fractions and decimals by using our daily number.  Each day, students determine the daily fraction and its equivalent decimal. Although, this may be challenging at first, students will become more comfortable as the year progresses. 

During math workshop, students are learning how to find the factors and multiples of numbers, while differentiating between the two.  This week, we will move into multiplication.  As I mentioned at Back to School Night, please remember that our goal is to have students learn multiple strategies for solving problems with large numbers.  Not all strategies will work for all students, but all students are asked to consider different strategies.  We will discuss the difference between strategies that are effective and ones that are efficient.  Once we have charts of different strategies, I will post them on our blog as a reference.  

Please make sure your student is practicing his/her multiplication facts. This can be done through the use of flash cards, free multiplication apps, or online games such as Free Rice.

Social Studies
This coming week, we will focus on our digital citizenship lessons.  These lessons are designed to teach kids safe behavior while using the internet.  The following week, we will begin our geography unit. After students explore different regions, they will work collaboratively with their group to determine where the next NFL team should be placed.  Students will be expected to consider population, land forms, climates, and other factors that could impact the success of a new team. 

Vocabulary and Spelling
Vocabulary and spelling will alternate each week.  You can find a tentative schedule on the right side of this blog.  We are currently determining what support each student needs for spelling.  Once the assessments are complete, we will get the ball rolling.  At that point, I will send out an email to let you know that we have started the rotation and confirm that the schedule is no longer tentative. Additionally, students will always have information written in their agenda that shows which we we are on.

 Scholastic Orders
 If you would like to place an order, please use the class code: MBNGY and click here for the Scholastic website. When you order books for your student, our class receives points to purchase free books for our class library!  All orders are due online by September 1st.   I will submit the order September 1st, after school.  Thank you for helping us grow our library and promoting the love of reading!

Important Dates
Scholastic Order Due- September 1st
Western Night- September 8th
Digger Dash- September 29th
Fall Conferences- September 28th and October 5th

Thank you for your continued support and for allowing me to work with your child each day.