Thursday, July 6, 2017


At this point in the summer, many of you may be starting to prepare for the new school year by thinking about supplies.  When you come to the meet and greet on Monday, August 7th, you are encouraged to bring your child's supplies in order to make the first day of school a little easier.   These 25 minute sessions can get a little overwhelming as you are trying to figure out what supplies go where, while you are trying to meet the new teacher and your student is exploring their new surroundings.  Therefore, I wanted to be a little proactive in organizing the supplies prior to our meet and greet so we get a chance to talk and everyone leaves feeling comfortable, calm, and excited about the first day of school. 

Below is a list of supplies that the students will have in their desk at all times.  All other supplies will be collected for "classroom supplies."  I will have marked bins for supplies that will be collected.  If you'd like, please feel free to prepare the pencil box in advance so that it can easily be slid into  your kiddo's the desk along with the folders and composition books.   Please understand that organizing everything before you come in is not something you have to do.  I just thought it might reduce the chaos on Monday and give us more time to meet one another.  I will be more than happy to help your student get everything situated if needed.   (If you ordered supplies through EduKit, they will be on your student's desk when you arrive.)

Desk Items
All folders (do not label with subjects, student names are fine)
All composition books (do not label with subjects, student names are fine)

Pencil Box (please try to avoid the over-sized boxes as desk space gets a little tight)
Scissors (or left in backpack)
Coloring Pencils
Personal Pencil Sharpener should fit in the box

I know that many kids like picking out their own supplies.  Please keep in mind that certain supplies are collected and distributed when needed, such as post-it notes.  This is to eliminate any distractions that they can cause in a student's desk and to ensure that they are there when we need them for an assignment.  We also have "classroom pencils" to make sure that no student ever goes without one.  However, some students like having mechanical pencils or a few "special pencils" which stay in their personal pencil box. All other pencils will be collected.  Students will keep all of their own composition books. Colors and designs are completely fine.  We will label each book on the first day to indicate the subject.  Please do not do that in advance.  In order to prepare the kids for middle school, I will walk them through color coding all folders and journals.  The folders should be the colors that are listed on the supply list (blue, red, green, yellow).  Each student will use an additional folder for their homework folder.  Most students like to get a folder with a design to show their personality,  such as Minions or puppies.  That's a great way to keep the folder separated from the basic subject folders.  If your student would like to do that, it's perfectly fine.

Please feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to meeting you and starting a great year!